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Ministry Description: Pastor of Youth Ministry


The Leadership Team of Uniontown Free Methodist Church (UFMC) on Wednesday, July 20, 2017, decided to begin a search for a new Pastor of Youth Ministry (PYM). This will be a part-time position leading to a full-time position as the ministry grows and God prospers us in funding.


The role and responsibilities of the PYM will include the following:

A. Oversee youth ministries, grades 7-12.

a. Develop a comprehensive plan for youth ministry compatible with UFMC’s vision and mission.
b. Coordinate regular youth meetings during a week evening.
c. Evangelize this age group.
d. Teach spiritual disciplines of prayer, worship attendance, reaching out to others, and accountability in age-appropriate ways.
e. Assess leaders emerging from the group and disciple them for leadership roles as they arise.
f. Contact youth individually on a regular basis.
g. Plan, develop, and carry out appropriate activities for this age group (“fun stuff”).
h. Develop a worship service for youth.
i. Have completed state and FBI background check requirements.
j. PYM will be accountable with the Lead Pastor for supervision, strategizing, developing ministry, professional growth, and personal/spiritual development.

B. Be available as necessary for preaching, visitation, and other basic pastoral ministry for UFMC, as well as regular, timely attendance in worship services and UFMC functions.

C. Prepare a monthly summary of progress at the monthly meetings of the Leadership Team and yearly review for the Society Meeting.

D. This ministry will have reviews twice a year with the Lead Pastor to review ministry progress and development.

E. PYM will become a member of the congregation at UFMC. PYM will have the opportunity to become a Local Ministerial Candidate and endorsement as a Conference Ministerial Candidate as the leading of the Holy Spirit is evidenced and expressed.


Send your resume/CV, application and G.A.T.E. Profile to:


Uniontown Free Methodist Church

ATTN: Jean Stoyko

300 Evans St.

Uniontown, PA 15401


You may also email your documents and files to

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