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Who is Steering You?

Back in 2011 we were driving from Southern California, where I had served a Free Methodist Church in Santa Ana, to Suffolk VA. We had about 2 weeks to feverishly pack each day, from about 6AM to 2AM - each day a new definition of exhaustion. We planned to drive in stages - I think it was CA to AZ - AZ to TX - TX to GA - then all the way through to VA. Our plan was to take turns driving, with the idea that the one in the passenger seat would keep the conversation lively to keep the driver awake. One of those good ideas on paper kind of things that reality contradicts We were driving along 1-10 in West Texas - straight, flat road, mile after mile of mind-numbing nothing at a suggested speed limit of 85mph - I was driving and we both drowsed off. Suddenly we heard the rumble strips under us, the car went careening down the embankment, I overcompensated, we spun back across the interstate with huge 18-wheelers bearing down at 'way faster than 85 mph, went down the embankment on the other side of the highway, to careen to a stop at the bottom of the embankment in a cloud of dust. When the dust began to settle, I took inventory of our situation. I was straining backward, stiff-armed with my hands on the wheel, Emily stiff-armed with her hands on the console - and our dog Sami in her lap, calmly looking up at me with a "Y'know, Mr. Top of the Food Chain, I could drive this thing better than you" look on her face. The car started up and we moved up to the highway, so we stopped to look at our trusty AAA guidebook to find a motel near us. We found one about 12 miles up the road, a Mom-And-Pop place, checked in, and got a good night's sleep which we badly needed. A little damage to the car, not body damage but a problem with a bearing, easily fixed, and we arrived in VA 3 days later.

The problem was this: we were in no condition to drive. But a Firmer Hand was on the wheel, and saw us through to wiser planning. As in so many cases not related to driving a car, God takes the wheel to bring me out of peril, and lets me know he can drive my life better than I can.

Whose hands are on your steering wheel? A life surrendered to Jesus Christ, steering to a destination, not thinking for you but giving you healthy options for you to choose - and getting you to where you should be - that is good steering by the best Driver as we careen along the road of life.

It's a good way. By the way - don't text when you're on the physical roads. It's the real-time equivalent of being distracted by unimportant stuff.

Blessings from here to eternity,

Pastor Drew

P.S. - Here's a photo of us with Sami, now in heaven. And one with our new kid, Toby.

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