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It's midterm election time. And we're all getting played - Democrat, Republican, whatever your persuasion. A force is at work which turns political discussion into demonstrations of rage and irrationality.. It's like never before. Perhaps the only such force seen before was the period leading up to the Civil War - and the war itself.

It seems like no one can calm down and discuss things rationally. I posted a few items on Facebook and was astonished at how irrational people's responses were. My words came back twisted and obviously not understood. I looked and saw some other calmer heads' postings and saw they were getting the same treatment.

Our whole national fabric is coming unraveled. Violence has broken out simply over contrasting opinions. I have stopped posting anything of a political nature on FB. It just gets attacked by those who disagree with me (attacked, not discussed) and misrepresented by those who otherwise agree with me.

Christians are engaging in this behavior as well, and we all seem to be getting wrapped up in mob action and chaos.

To say we need to pray for our nation is too feeble to express what is happening here. "God bless America" has to become "God save America." This nation has given to world missions and sent the most people and resources to reach the world for the Gospel than any other nation in history. The enemy is using this chaotic political frenzy to destroy that.

Will our nation survive this time? I'm afraid I can't be optimistic. We seem to be hanging on the brink of a precipice, and we can't come back once we have fallen.

Politics is not the answer. Period. Politics is the problem. Whether in the secular arena or in the church (and churches are suffering from a spirit of politics as well - division and self-seeking by individual Christian people).

I keep hearing "We need revival!" Revival is not everybody waving their arms and getting happy. Revival is messy. It means Christians being on their knees, crying out to God in repentance and getting right with Him. It means confessing religious spirit and political spirit and self-righteousness and self-absorption and self-centeredness and bigotry and apathy in the church. It means a commitment to get out of this spirit that majors in minors and minors in majors. It means seeking God's will instead of our will.

We do need revival. Real revival. Will God hear the cries of His people begging Him to transform us from business as usual into dynamic, Spirit-led and empowered lives? If we don't do it now, the party's over, friends.

I know this blog entry sounds bleak, but the times demand that we confess, repent, and get moving.

Blessings from here to eternity, Pastor Drew

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