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My wife, Emily, and I have known each other since first grade. I told her I would marry her someday when we were in sixth grade; she said "Get lost." She wised up by the time we became high school sweethearts when we were in tenth grade; we became engaged when we were 20 and married after I graduated from college in 1979. We have a lot of history that helps to bind us together and makes our relationship - and our love - nice and comfy. We reminisce and finish each other's sentences - "Hey, do you remember ..." "Oh, you mean (name)? ..." "Yeah, him. Remember when he ..." "Oh yeah, he was hilarious when he ..." "Oh man! I'll never forget that guy." And people observing this think we're nuts. They are not too far off.

The attached photo is of us when we were teens - about 17-18 years old. Say "awwww." Now, don't that feel good?

We have celebrated so many highs and helped each other through so many lows. We're not perfect but we fit together so perfectly.

She is in the hospital right now with suspected COPD. We're praying that isn't the case.

But oh, how we miss each other every night when we turn in and each of us don't have the other there to kiss goodnight. OK, so that's mushy. So what? You go find your own soulmate and you can be as mushy as you want.

Knowing Jesus over the years gets like that. We get to know His mind and His heart and treasure all the times we have had together. We are not perfect - He is - but we fit together so perfectly. We remember all the highs of our relationship and all the painful times as well. I have so many stories to tell about Him, about how He has saved my life and walked with me and carried me when I fell and He let me fall forward to strengthen my life in Him. He knows what I am going to say before I say it, but lets me talk with Him.

Get to know Him and together write your own love story.

Blessings from here to eternity

Pastor Drew

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